Sophisticated Real Estate Transactions

As commercial real estate transactions become more complicated, Stockworth's experienced team of professionals can provide clarity and simplicity in assisting buyers and sellers in securing governmental approvals. Coordinating specialized professionals, including attorneys, architects, planners, environmental specialists, accountants, real estate market analysts, surveyors, civil engineers and contractors, are often required to understand the intricacies of a sophisticated real estate transaction.

Stockworth is an expert in managing these tasks for its clientele. Our team of experts have over a century experience in land planning and entitlements in Central Florida, making the due diligence process more effective, and less costly and time consuming. Knowledge of local issues is often the differentiator between average representation and superior service provided by a broker. At Stockworth, we are deeply connected to the land development and local government sectors, providing the most up-to-date information on matters affecting price and marketability.

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