Longwood Orlando Real Estate

Longwood: The Natural choice

Located in Seminole County, but in close proximity to Orlando, Longwood is a growing business hub with deep Florida roots and a characteristic charm. The 14,000 residents enjoy not only the classic Floridian culture but also the unique Floridian landscape.

Longwood is home to Wekiwa Island and Wekiwa Springs, which are both located at the head of the Wekiwa River and boast 13 miles of hiking and camping, as well as kayak and canoe rentals year round with crystal clear water in the mid 70’s. Rope swings, picnic areas, an outdoor bar and horseback riding all add to the allurement of this organic attraction. However as far as recreation goes, this is only the beginning. Longwood residents also enjoy the Wekiva Golf Club and the Sweetwater Golf and Country Club, both of which include scenic views spanning the 18-hole golf courses.

In addition to its natural appeal, this charming city is also a growing center for business development and economic prosperity. Ranked as one of the top cities to start a business in Florida, Longwood has countless low-cost advantages as well as all the necessary resources for expansion and growth, which aided in the addition of 52,000 new jobs to Orlando in 2015 and continues to play a part in the growth of Central Florida.

Built on old Florida roots, the foundation of Longwood was largely due to the settlement of Edward Warren Henck in 1873 when he arrived by steamboat up the St. John’s river. In 1876, he helped establish the first post office and served as the head post master. It was then that he named the town Longwood after a suburb in Boston that he helped engineer and design. Ten years later, Longwood had grown and established businesses, plenty of homes and its own newspaper, making it one of the largest cities in Central Florida at the time.

Rich in culture and natural attractions, Longwood has developed from a mere house with a post office to a prosperous, family-oriented city. With its small town feel and natural beauty, this residential community has grown into not only a place for business growth, but a place to establish a family and a lifetime of memories.


Approximate Distance to:
Orlando International Airport: 30 miles
Universal Studios, Florida: 25 miles
Walt Disney World Resort: 30 miles
Downtown Orlando: 15 miles

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